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WTS Kinner


The task at hand was to build a logo for a vintage Meyers OTW.  The logo needed to represent the CAA's (predecessor of the FAA) War Training Service.  The design was carefully transferred from an actual CAA/WTS hat emblem.  The aircraft's beautiful aluminum was allowed to show through the design as would have been done with a painted-on insignia of the era.  The finished installation is shown below.

Before the logo's parts were applied, they were carefully positioned so that the fewest number of rivets would distort the image.

After each section of the decal was pressed on, the transfer tape was pulled off, exposing the gradually completed logo.  Care was also taken to account for the classic angle of the tail-dragger's fuselage.

What does a Meyers look like when you step back?  It looks like this.  Now you know why it is important to do a good job on a Meyers OTW.  She is a classic beauty to behold.

What the finished logo looks like close up.





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