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It makes no difference if you have a fishing boat or a sail boat, boating decals, are important in the identification of the craft's home port, its name and registration and in pointing out safety warnings and emergency instructions. See Willie Wompum

Marine Graphics

The graphics below were generated for  a sailboat, to identify its home port and its registration.  The home port name went on the stern, and the registration number ( it was a set of two ) went on each side of the boat's nose.  The web site price for the set of the registration graphics is $26.00 + $3.50 shipping and handling. To order a pair of registration numbers, click the "add to cart" button below.  Do not forget to indicate a basic color and the exact spelling of your registration number in the "special instructions" area during the transaction. The home port name decal is yours free when ordering a registration number set.

We follow the Wisconsin regulation.  If your state requires a different size registration number, let us know and we will be glad to provide you with an estimate.

boatback.gif (5149 bytes)
boatnumb.gif (4937 bytes)

The decals below were designed specifically for individual sail boats in the McKinley Marina  and South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee, WI.   The decals were applied to each side near the back of the boat.

kokopell.gif (9207 bytes)kokopell.jpg (34229 bytes)

wilcoxp.gif (11190 bytes)

An interesting decal application of the American Flag flies on the Tsunami, a 25 foot Morgan, home ported in Long Island, New York.

The decal below is on a restored Clyde.
teachout.gif (15339 bytes)


This boat's name is a neat play on words two boys and one Sunfish. Dad pressed the decals on each side and away the My Three Sons sailed.


The owner of this boat wanted us to draw a likeness to a long-retired mascot, the Marquette University warrior, Willie Wompum (as in knock them silly). The name is often mentioned as Willie Wampum (as in money), but that may have been so to be politically correct. Money did not carry the aggressive nature of the winning team known as the Marquette Warriors with Willie Wompum and his team, womping its enemies. Nice boat with a nice graphic.


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For answers on how ECI can help you solve the signage needs on your boat or at your marina (we work on small jobs too) see our customer feedback page.


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