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Clyde Boat restored by Carl and Maxine Teachout.teachout.gif (203275 bytes)

This decal was made from an original logo on a Clyde boat being restored by Carl and Maxine Teachout.

Carl has provided this information on the boat.

They are restoring a 1955, 16ft Clyde outboard, double cockpit boat. It has a cold molded hull, which was built in Halifax Nova Scotia and sent to Detroit where the Clyde Boatworks built mostly custom fitted boats. Most Clydes were turned out as simple fishing boats but you could order them finished out however you liked.

"We bought ours from the 82 year old original owner who had stored it for the last 22 years having last used it in 1977," said Carl Teachout. The Teachouts have given the bottom the WEST system treatment of epoxy covered by copper bottom paint. The rest has been completely stripped, bleached, sanded, filler stained with medium mahogany, epoxies, sanded and now we're getting ready for the many coats of spar varnish (11) which will be sanded between coats. The only woodwork we had to do was to replace the deck. Maxine is restoring to boat's cushions.

The Teachout mascot is a large stuffed Beanie (Ty) orangutan named "Clyde" from the Clint Eastwood movies Any Which Way But Loose and Every Which Way you Can,. The name of the boat is "JUST CLYDE".

Just Clyde will be shown at the Le Cheneaux Wooden Boat Show in Hessel, located in Michigan’s upper Peninsula. I may also be shown at the Sutton’s Bay, Michigan show the end of June. Don't expect to see Just Clyde at the shows this year, however.   There are still lots of varnish coats to be applied and sanded.

Good luck at the boat shows – Carl and Maxine

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