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Metallic Leaf
Fingerstone Mirror-Brite Metallic Leaf




Metallic Leaf streamers on a string

Imagine how wonderful your used car lot or shopping center parking lot will look as the breeze blows past these eye-catching metallic streamers on a string designed to wave at and bring passers' attention toward your direction.

bulletColor panels change every 18" in sequence
bulletEach Strip is 3/4" X 12" long
bulletMade from brilliant Metallic
bullet Panels Sewn Side-by-Side
bulletChoose from string lengths of 30-foot and 60-foot
bulletEasy to install
bulletVolume discounts apply (see units purchased column for prices after discounts)

These high-impact metallic-striped colored streamers on a string are delivered to you in a variety of 3-color choices. Take a look and decide on the color combination that best meets your business needs.

Key Benefits

bulletThree Color Schemes
bulletAlternating Red and Blue with Silver Color Scheme
bulletBlue with Silver Color Scheme
bulletRed with Silver Color Scheme
bulletSewn on, plastic covered, hi-strength, sag-resistant Nylon cord
bulletVolume discounts are automatic (see units purchased column for prices after discounts)
bulletSixty foot strings with 36 panels per string
bulletThirty foot strings with 18 panels per string
bulletPanels measure 18-inches across
bulletVolume discounts automatic - included in price list below

 volume discounts automatic

These are easy to install, you simply string these beautiful streamers up between your car lot's light poles.  Be sure that you get enough to do the entire perimeter and at least one crisscross of the lot.  There are 18 panels per 30 foot string and 36 panels on the 60 foot string with 3 color combinations available for you to choose from.

* Volume discounts automatic

Delivery Schedule

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