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Our Mission

ECI customers helped us to realize that our pre-designed banner, streamer and pennant products could be offered through an Internet catalog.  We have published this website for that purpose.  We intend to provide our Internet customers with inexpensive, effective, ready-to-hang banners and signs that help them deliver their business message.  ECI prices include a built in Internet discount "Bulk Discounts Pricing" displayed through our shopping bagOften the discounts start with the second unit or item that you buy. Wisconsin sales taxes are collected on orders shipped within that state.

Sales Practice - Privacy

US Mail Orders
ECI sales practice does not allow us to accept US Mail payments in cash.  We are pleased to take your orders paid by check and sent through the mail.  We promise to process your order promptly.  All catalog products are delivered by UPS. 

Internet Orders
ECI accepts Internet payments from customers using several credit card brands as well as PayPal and will provide an invoiced order for check purchase through our shopping bag system All of our credit card orders process through PayPal even if the customer is not a PayPal member to provide our customers with the most secure/trusted payment interface possible.

Personal Information
ECI does not take part in any third party-marking ventures that require us to share a customer's information, beyond what is required to handle the payment part of any customer-initiated transaction.  We do not share or sell any of our databases with any other companies. By processing transactions through PayPal, we do not capture or retain customer financial information in our files or on our servers.

 We serve our customers . . . . .

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