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Snow Safari
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The 100-Mile Snow Safari Snow mobile trail in Forest County, WI has grown from its original 100-mile length to approximately 175 miles in length. Snow Safari is the longest trail in the Snow Belt. Do not take the Safari trip unless you are physically able to snowmobile from ten to twelve hours without tiring. It is suggested the trip in two days. The trail is for the hardy that want something different in snowmobiling.snosafri.gif (7187 bytes)

Everything possible has been done to make your snowmobiling a pleasurable one. You will find the trail well marked with blazers, directional arrows, safety signs, and reflective trail mileage markers. The 100-Mile Snow Safari Club, under contract with the Forest County Board of Supervisors, grooms the trail with two Tucker Sno-Cats. Occasionally Mother Nature does play tricks and all of our work can be rendered for nil when the old gal so decides.winter.jpg (29526 bytes)

The 100-Mile Snow Safari has secured either verbal or written permission from fifty property owners to make the trail possible. Approximately 70 miles of trails are on the lands of the Nicolet National Forest and on other 25 miles on the lands of Wisco Timber. Please stay on the trail. Without the property owners and their cooperation, there would not be any snowmobiling to enjoy.


Have a safe enjoyable trip and return often to Forest County Wisconsin winter and summer.

Trail Segment

Trail Mileage

Armstrong Creek to Wabeno 36
Wabeno to Carter 9
Carter to Townsend 7
Windfall to Roberts Lake 10
Roberts to Laona 18
Laona to Crandon 15
Crandon to Cavour 18
Crandon to Oneida County 7
Cavour to Newald 14
Newald to Armstrong Creek 25
Newald to Popple River 6
Carter to Windfall Lake 10

Total Miles


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